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So many moons ago, I used to do an internet based radio show – 2 hours of whatever I wanted to play. It was good fun, something to look forward to in the week, concentrate on, pick out music for yada yada. Each show would be recorded by the broadcast software and I’d be able to play back the files at will, and share them with friends and contacts. What annoyed me about the shows, was, to be frank, me. i could never get over that queasy feeling of hearing my own voice recorded (of course you know what I mean). But what I did enjoy was the mix of tracks I played – an eclectic mix that mirrored my music taste.

After a year or so, time restraints meant I couldn’t continue with the show, and my dreams of being the next Steve Lamacq or Howard Stern were over. My interest in listening to music, however, is not. Nor in the joy I have in making playlists, especially for other people.

So here goes, an excuse to give this site a little more content other than my bemused doodling, and to get us kicked of, I will copy a playlist I made those same many moons ago. Where the file is that had the audio, I have no idea – this is before Spotify, dear reader, when making a playlist wasn’t simply a question of right-click and add! (Thinking in that vein, I might even dig out some of the old cassette tape mixes I made many many many moons ago. (the very fact that I have to refer to them as “cassette tapes” rather than just tapes, makes me shudder at the thought of the youth of today :-)))

A playlist from November, 2010 –

True happiness this way lies – The the
Only a Northern Song – Beatles
Common People – William Shatner
What’s for dinner – King Khan and the BBQ
Woods – Bon Iver
Reason is Treason – Kasabian
Atlas – Battles
BOTE – Menomena
Soldier On – The Temper Trap
When Should we go – CallMeKat
Station Approach – Elbow
Sometimes the Wheels – Neil Halstead
No Kind Words – The Maccabees
Brassneck (Live) – The Wedding Present
Two Chairs – Murder
Forsyn – Lis er Stille
Skip Divided – Thom Yorke
Crystalized – The XX
Stay with Us – The Young Gods
Rocking Horse – Kelli Ali
Not A reasonable Man – I am Kloot
DLZ – TV on the Radio
Safety in Numbers – Strikes the Colours
Boat Behind – Kings of Convenience
I’ve been loving you too long – Booker T and the M.G’s(with Boz Scaggs)
Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

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