Test and a tribute.

In a Nørrebro coffee shop and doing what I always looked down my nose at other people doing in coffee shops on Nørrebrogade – blogging! I’ve become one of the bastards! But this is a test to see …… yeah, no need to explain the behind the scenes.

And a tribute to two artists who passed away in the past short while who have been with me most of my life, and that’s not an exaggeration. I discovered the Bonzo Dog band when I was maybe 16. Enjoyed them for their toilet humor (the strain), far out ness (my pink half of the drainpipe) and heaviness (mr Apollo), among other things. Neil Innes was instrumental in all of this – Urban Spaceman! Safe travels while you tip your hat.

And Vaughan Oliver – graphic designer for many of my favorite record covers. He’s probably responsible for influencing more musicians than other musicians and not being a musician himself. Gods speed you pixie king.

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