Way too ahead of myself

I’m naming these lists by the week of the year that I plan to post them – but either I have nothing else I should be getting on with (I have plenty – Procrastinators of the World Unite!) or I enjoy making them too damn much – believe what you want.

In this list, a mix of old and new. Bought tickets to go see the Murder Capital in Loppen here in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks and noticed that the support is an artist called “Junior Brother” – had a listen and ….. interesting, to see the least. Can’t make my mind up if I like it or not but looking forward to seeing him live. And the Clipping track, opener from their latest album – boom! Nothing is safe! Indeed – words of our times.

Oh! And that Clash track…… “If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they’d send the limousine anyway”


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