This is getting ridiculous.

What is getting ridiculous could apply to any number of things, but here I’m applying it to my playlist output. I guess it’s easy enough since all the hard work of actually making the music is already done! (And how much do those radio DJ’s get paid?!) So I could say something about “selection” or “curation” or “selection” again – but my truth on this matter is I’ll hit on an artist, hit on “fans also like” a couple of times, see if there is something that tickles the fancy, normally by hearing only 10 secs of any track – then think that the spotify algorithm is driving the list too far done one specific line – pick a different genre or another completely different artist from the top of my head (there’s the talent!) and repeat until I have around about an hour of tracks. Pop them into some order (there’s the real talent!) and copy/paste the link into the blog – BOOM! Now, if I could string together 3 hours of coherent rambling, mix that in, you’d be sitting in your car in the traffic jam, hating your just left job, loathing getting home to screaming kids and dirty floors, wondering how the hell this gobshite on a stick has it so lucky! (First track is by the just passed (true) genius, Mr Neil Innes – this track, “How sweet to be an idiot”, was ripped off by another genius (and for crying out load he loves to tell everybody about it), Mr Noel Gallagher for the Oasis song “Whatever”. I think I am correct in saying it was the only time NG ever shared a writing credit on an Oasis song – could be wrong, but frankly, I couldn’t care) (Now I come to look over the list after all my hard work is done, like Michelangelo gazing over the completed statue of David, or God peering down at the garden of eden (“What are those two feckers doing near that tree?!”), I see that it is very Manchester heavy – in no way a bad thing) Enjoj!

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