This is going to be a little hard.

For those of you who like things on the more aggressive side, this list is for you – and then I’ve thrown in some banjo tracks too, since I deem the banjo the devils’ instrument – or is it the fiddle, I can’t remember. Some of the more aggressive tracks are from my listening as an angry young teenager in boarding school – Big Black, Slint, The Jesus Lizard – the latter being the only one of these that I ever got the chance to see live – the Garage in Glasgow, if memory serves. The thing I love about these bands was their stance of non-compliance – I guess you could say the same for the whole punk movement though that might be a little naive – (yeah, I’m looking at you Green Day and Blink 182). Only angry young teenagers in boarding schools wanted to hear this music and only angry young teenagers wanted to make it – the scene had to be dug out of nothing – doing for yourself and bollocks to what the parents thought. And there is, from what I can tell, a lot of that attitude still around today, even more so maybe with the advances in technology and it’s prevalence. I think the band Ho99o9, included here, embody that spirit today. But as I say, this is not a playlist for the faint hearted. Engoi!

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