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….I’ve decided to give the playlists a….. well, a playlist number. Since I find making playlists on spotify a satisfying distraction, I was getting a little ahead of myself thinking that I would restrict myself to one list per week – the week number to playlist configuration was just getting well out of hand – and hell! I wouldn’t want you dear reader/listener to think I am disorganized. So what is in store here for your aural excitement? Kicks off with a Luke Kelly number. For those of you who don’t know who Luke Kelly was, think the quintessential Irish cliché – Arron sweater, ginger beard, hard partier, hard drinker (which eventually killed him) etc etc and then throw in a god handful of talent – boy could he sing! My father, who met and socialized with him several times told me a story about being in a Belfast restaurant after an opera in the close by theater – I presume the Royal Opera House. The cast of the opera and others, including Kelly, were in attendance. After a few drinks had been taken and as is the want of performers, they started showing off for the benefit of their peers. But the man who stole the “show”, my father remembered, was Luke Kelly, standing on a table singing some old Dublin inspired ballads – this in front of professional opera singers. Boyo, could he sing! The rest of the playlist….? Just get your earholes around it! Enjoy.

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