Last three records I bought and a warning!

I collect vinyl. I’m not an avid collector – don’t have the funds. But I know what I like and like what I know – and collect accordingly. And the Jesus and Mary Chain, being one of my favorite bands, is in the collection. But one of their albums – Automatic – I’ve been looking for it for a while – I’ve owned it twice on cassette (still have one), once on CD, but never on vinyl. So there I was, sittng in my office of work feeling down and lonely and guilty for being the prick that I can be and thought – the only way to get out of this is to go buy some vinyl! – I have the car – lets drive to that music shop over there on the outskirts of the city and go in for a dig – and lo and behold! – what do they have but none other than Auto-feckin-matic – ya dancer!! But what has some inconsiderate sod done – gone and written their name on the sleeve! On the front! In marker! By all the suns in the sky, I swear if I ever find out who “PHP” is – you’ll not know you were born!!!

Of course I bought it.

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