Playlist number 13! Has we been doing this that long? Wow! Thanks to my parents, god, my agent…. (“GET ON WITH IT!”)

Some oldies but goldies in here! And newbies but……….?? bluebies?? anyway – and I know it’s a hard time for everyone at the moment, especially our trusted leaders who are being relied upon in these testing times to fuck up even more than they have been doing before. I am of course talking about the UK and USA (funny how they are both reacting in the same way – or not reacting, as the case seems to be – it’s like…..? ……… like…. they’re singing from the same hymn sheet perhaps. Hey! Who dat?! Who dat knocking at ma door?) Thankfully in DK it seems that the beautiful leaders have decided to go into lock down to try and contain this – and from my understanding this is the way to go – I’m no doctor or expert (really?!) but, like everyone else, I have an arsehole, sorry sorry, meant to say opinion – I have an opinion, and that’s to listen to the medical folk – and just cause you’re at an age where you might not become noticeably ill, think of others – fuck me! – the amount of people I’ve heard saying “why should I worry” – fair enough – have that opinion – but let me not be the first to call you an absolute shitebag!

So the tunes in the list – Warmduscher – band I’ve heard on the Marc Riley bbc 6music show – damn good! Abbie Ozzard – looking like a bright future. Lou Reed – at his biting best. John Martyn covering Portishead – oh yeah. Part of the process by Morcheeba – just in case there are any shitebags listening who do get severely ill – yeah, it’s just part of the process. Bit of Beyonce just to stick it to the man. Kicking it off is Sports Team with a blisterer! Engoi shitebags!!!!

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