Y’all surviving in your bunkers?!

So the Danish gov’t recently announced that all social gathering – festivals, concerts – anything with a large group of people enjoying themselves basically – is now prohibited until the beginning of September. Call me a pessimist (Oi! Pessimist!!) but I have a feeling that it might go on longer than that – and if officially it doesn’t, it will still be a long time before any normalcy returns in these regards. For those of you who don’t know, working at such events is my job – my actual job – yes, I have an actual job outside of mucking around with paints and inks and printing – who would have thunk it! – and it is safe to say that this year is going to be extremely shallow – not only funds wise, but experience wise. But no boohooin’ – we can’t worry about the things we have no control over – now’s the time to adapt, adjust – rejig the sails and plough onwards – “Fail we may. Sail we must!” – (By christ, that Andy Weatherall quote is becoming my mantra!)

So a new playlist – again, stuff I hear on the radio (if you don’t already, and I’ve said it before, listen to BBC 6Music – especially Marc Riley and Gideon Coe later on in the evenings – their shows are full of hidden gems and beauty) (Thee Oh Sees), stuff that is stuffed in the recesses of my brain (History by the Verve) and other avenues (Beverly Glenn-Copeland – how I picked her out I have no recollection) – so plug in, sit back, sit up, walk or jog along and listen without prejudice (unless you are a teenager – then listen with extreme prejudice! – but in the knowledge that I am right and you are wrong :-)) Ennjoy!!

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