Something is still howling at the door?

I wake up every morning in my seclusion, make the bed, make the coffee, light a smoke and enter the miserable world of headlines and Twitter. My solace is the nicotine injection, the warm black liquid, and laughing at whatever the people in charge are doing – especially in the US and the UK – Jaysus! – it’s like they want people to die. Of course, they will argue about a tight rope being walked – Trump’s favorite line recently has been “the cure cannot be worse than the disease” – whatever that means. I know what it means to him – me and my friends are rich and want to stay that way. But what does it mean to Joe the plumber, yeah, Joe Bloggs? “Suck it up and you may get the scraps we allow you?”

And there is some solace in music – as always. And what have we got here? Let me see….. first track I heard on the radio – described as one of the craziest pieces of music to be recorded – “craziest” is a relative term, but I know where the DJ is coming from. Dr. John track – something about his music – so understated but rich at the same time (should listen to more) – he played a festival stage I was working on many moons ago – he lumbered up the ramp, feathers, beads, string, in his hair (who copied who here Keith?) with an immaculate cain supporting him – well, perhaps vice versa – like Merlins staff. There’s not much I remember from the show, nothing in fact, but I saw him lumber off the stage – nothing seemed to phase the guy. He’s dead now – but I bet the cane is somewhere, living on. Enjoye!!!!

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