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… saw a Pitchfork list of the best tracks of the 1970’s (The 200 Best Songs of theĀ 1970s) – the decade I saw born. A lot in there that I already new – and more, it seems, that I didn’t. Made a list of the tracks I didn’t know or had scant recollection of (yes, I did go through the list and then search on spotify – took an hour or 2) and stuck it on random – and stoke me with the fires of Babylon! – subsequently, I’m in the phase of my life where I am certain that the decade when I was born produced the best music. How, to be fair, on the following play list is only one of those found track (Love in C minor – which, when I come to think of it, perhaps wasn’t even on the list – can’t remember, don’t care) – but it’s nice to know that I have finally become one of them, yes!!, one of ‘them’ – auld feckers who has now done the research and can empirically say “all music made today is shite!! – now the 70’s! that’s what I call music”. *

Other tracks here – Ghostpoet – gem of a track – I somehow missed Ghostpoet, though somehow always on the peripheral – heard new tracks played on 6music, dug deeper, liked what I heard – on my birthday, went out and bought as much of his output I could find on vinyl. BC Camplight – just class! Flat worms – found out via thee oh sees stable (a while ago, I was thinking about a new line to start collecting – thought about going down thee oh sees route – need winning lotto tic first) – and another gem like Ghostpoet – peripheral – The Heliocentrics – had a delve into them recently – some of it not my boat – but there’s no denying they make music for the pure pleasure of it – and by the sounds of some of their stuff, the pain too. Anyway – Enjjoy!

*(….and for those of you who know my listening habits and tastes, you know I don’t think this:-) – but still, you can’t deny research – empirical at that!)

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