December is upon us

Yes! December is upon us and I am posting playlists from October – pendants corner will be teeming after this goes out. So, what have we got here? A few break up songs (Nazareth, CeeLo, Paul Simon and others) – a twist of weirdness (Pink Dots – though to be fair this track is not as strange as a lot of their other stuff) – a whift of African garage rawkishness (Ngozi Family) – pinches of bright darkness (Cohen and Lanegan) – and all dished up with the pallet cleanser that is the Artic Monkeys, with, in my humble opinion, one of the best rock songs of the past 20 years – Do I wanna Know? Oh, and there’s HEALTH – yes, keep an eye on HEALTH, the band and your own. Injoi!

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