Crimbled mind.

A few things I gotta get down before my crimbled mind forgets (if ‘crimbled’ ain’t a word, I’m making it one – that state of mind between crippled and crumbled)

(Somehow lost the whole post to the confines/infines of the telephone – bollocks – so what is below is more of a reminding list to expand on later)

  • NFT’s – what they are, my understanding of them.
  • 52 Sids as nft playing cards. The Ace of Sids.
  • 3D projection as an nft projected onto a 3D printed sculpture – two files as one and tokenized Looking into nft’s – if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry since I ain’t got much of a clue either – only that they are a method of distributing and collecting unique pieces of digital art and this is a space I want to move into for differing reasons that I may expand on later.
  • So, with regards to nft’s – a few ideas starting with “A deck full of Sids”. 52 (maybe 55 to include jokers) individual Sid drawings each attached to a playing card. And maybe aces are rarer than, the ten’s, for example.
  • 2COAR – start to design them like a baseball card.
  • More of my usual stuff but integrated into motion graphics. This is more of a challenge but one that I’ve been wanting to undergo for a long time. This could be the perfect opportunity to start up that hill.
  • Set lists that I have accumulated. Post and share a little story if one should apply. Not for sale, but if someone wants one, they can have it if they donate to charity
  • Nft’s again – so tokenized artworks – the difference between having both a physical and digital copy -which in many cases I do (unless I have applied some digital post work to the scans/photos – and come on! In this day who doesn’t?) would have to be investigated and experimented with. But what about a piece of art that exists between the two? For instance, a movie file that only makes sense on a specific 3D printed sculpture? The movie file and the 3D design file for printing could be tokenized together, but a physical signed copy of the actual 3D object? Perhaps. I might expand on this topic to include the idea I had many moons ago (that subsequently, someone else had and then carried it out) – the idea about a family of mice living in a cage which have computers built in. Just by their day to day carrying on’s they’ll press the keys on the boards and produce some sort of output. The output could be tokenized and titled “Mouseworld”.

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