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Apart from producing the beautiful images that you see on this site (GODDAMMIT SOMEONE I WANT THE SARCASM EMOJI NOW!) – in my day job, when there ain’t no pesky pandemic, I work on stages. I won’t get into too much depth of what I do, that may become more apparent as these posts drag on, but just to say that I really like my job – love it actually. And one of the things that I have been doing over the years is collecting set lists. Now, you may think that this is some way of me dropping big names onto this here site and going “Ohhhhh, look at him, he works with all these famous people, ohhh, he must be sooo cool” – but let me stop you right there! Most, and when I say most, I’m talking in the realms of 99% most, of the bands or individuals that these lists represent, I never met – never shared a beer or a joint, never did a line off of the back of a flight case, never saved such and such from the claws of adorning over zealous fans, never took the toilet paper stuck to a singers high heel before she went on stage (ok, that’s one true) etc etc – this is my job, and like anybody doing your job, you get used to the mundane aspects of it. Yes, it’s a cool job, but it’s still a job, and fortunately for me, it is, as I have stated before, a job I love. And not because of the rubbing shoulders with the famous, but for other reasons – the camaraderie, friendship and professionalism of my colleagues, a different challenge everyday, every hour sometimes, the fact that when you go to bed at night, you are truly tired and you can say to yourself that yeah, that was a long tough day, and I gotta do it all again tomorrow, but the show went on – and of course, the roar of the crowd. If you’ve ever been in a large audience and the artist comes out on stage and the roar goes up and you get that rush – think of that feeling being on the stage? And it doesn’t matter who the artist is – that roar, that’s why so many of us do it. That, and free coffee.

Above are the first 4 setlists – some of them I don’t remember even bring on stage for – others I have fond memories and will expand on when/if appropriate. Oh, and another thing – this collection is not for sale – I’m not here to make money off of these “bit’s of paper” – for that is all they are – and as you go through them, you can see little tell tale signs – but if there ever is a set list and somebody really wants it, and I mean really really wants it – I think a donation to a charity and the postage and packaging might just cover – we can work something out.

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