New month, new playlist – a mis-mash, even for my standards. Stand out new track in this list is Trouble by Hen Ogledd – love the vocal, almost playground like, and the Tymes track Are You Lookin’ – it’s one of those sing-a-long tracks that would be great as a concert closer. I read “Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad – it’s a history of the 1980’s American underground scene, starting out with Black Flag, through Minor Threat, Sonic Youth, Big Black (one of my teenage favourites), Minutemen, up until Beat Happening – as I was reading I was dipping in and out of the music. Some of the bands, I loved – Big Black, Mudhoney, Fugazi – and some just never seemed to grab me – Mission of Burma, Husker Du – but one band that seemed to have completely slipped through my net were Minutemen – and boy!! do they swing around some genre corners!! – so expect to see more of them on these lists in the future. Anyway – get your noise holes around the list and Ingoy!

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