When I say it’s baltic, I mean it’s Baltic!

It’s cold – colder than it has been in a good few years in these parts – which in a way brings slight relief (or a sense of complacency – you can be the judge) knowing that the weather systems are not completely out of whack – well, yet, anyway.

So, another playlist – and this one starts with the Beatles – every once in a while, I have to just bang out a Beatles track – and this is one of my favorites. But there is quite a bit in this mix that I hadn’t heard before – Felix Da Housecat (great track that reminds me of Underworlds Cowgirl – if you want to test a set of headphones – this is a good track to get a wide range); never heard of The Creatures, Siouxsie Sioux’s side project; Joséphine Baker was a badass, Bauhaus track = hidden classic!; and Laura Veirs, someone who I shall be investigating more – simply a beautiful voice.

The rest is no filler – in fact, I think you’ll be hearing a lot more of the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets in these lists 🙂


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