Setlists v4

If memory serves, these 4 setlists are taken from the same festival season – two of them might even be from the same day on the same stage – so you can get an idea of the variety of acts that can cross a festival stage during a day. Any major festival stage will be at least double the size from what the audience sees. Bands/artists playing during a day will (mostly) load in early, meaning the touring crew will get to the stage in the morning, talk with the house stage manager and claim their stage “real estate” – a well organized festival will have these logistics sorted out well in advance, as long as the touring company is also well organized – communication communication communication!! Each crew will set up the gear on rolling decks, referred to as “risers”, and as the day progresses, the risers will be caroselled around the stage as one act finishes and the next prepares to start.

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