Spo3playlist35Mar2021 – A certain kind of trash

Not much on here that would spring to my mind if I hadn’t of made it and was scanning over the artists at a glance for the first time (except Trampled by Zep) – but some real beauties in here (to be fair, I never include a track that I think is ‘bad’ – matter of taste, ain’t it).

Kicks off with the Mountain Goats track – sounds like a bedroom demo – and I love the story within the song and the final “Hail Satan” – sounds like a couple of teenage boys calling bullshit on conservative America’s attitude to heavy metal. Zeppelin track – classic – nuff said. Pretenders – Chrissie still holding the fort. King Khan – probably the best band live that I still haven’t had the chance to see live (are they still going?). Desert Sessions – yer man from QOTSA getting his muso mates into the desert to make music – what’s not to like? Katy J Pearson making great pop tunes with a unique bite. PPC – just because of the name! This is the Kit – perfectly crafted folk pop and if you like that sort of thing, Kit never put a foot wrong (that and I still got my christmas bauble). Brian – stay away from the brown acid. Dan Deacon – recommended by spotify and I’ve been giving him a whirl – thanks Mr. algorithm. Danger Mouse – another Mr. algorithm suggestion – cheers again. James Yorkston – since hearing him being interviewed on the Tom Robinson 6music show, I’ve been delving deeper and deeper – a quintessential artist making music – honesty in his music making which shines through. And Chain and the Gang – for me, the stand out track on this list.


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