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International Women’s Day playlist – I know, I know – that was a few weeks ago. But hey, “can’t every day be International Women’s Day”!? (Typing this last sentence leaves me with a playful feeling in my gut – I can’t decide whether it’s contempt, jealousy or resignation) – and since I make these lists and then it takes we a while to post them, I thought “Bollocks! I’m making today my IWD” – (“Bollocks” might not be the correct exclamation here :-/) – Most of the most important people in my life are women (Funny that – I can very quickly detect a person in everyday life whose experience in this is opposite to my own) so the infulences upon me are tipped towards the feminine. That doesn’t mean that I have nothing to learn about my past behaviors – far from it, actually – all I’m trying to say is that I think it is important to challenge the male dominated hierarchy. In today’s parlance, you could accuse me of being all “woke” and “right on maaaan!” – but looking around at the existential crisis’s that face us, I can’t thank of a better way to start tackling said issues than empowering more women around the world. Christopher Hitchens was once asked how to combat poverty (and I realise I’m putting this down very simplistically here) and he bluntly replied “that’s easy, empower women around the world by giving them control over their reproductive rights” (I paraphrase here) – if memory serves, this was in response to a talk about his “beloved” Mother Theresa.


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