Tomorrow never knows – covered – twice…

Tomorrow Never Knows is one of my favorite Beatles tracks – I’ve been put on the spot in the past “What’s your favorite Beatles track?” – it changes, depends on who is asking, depends on a whole load. Anyway, here are two cover versions of said track – both very different but both excellent.

Angeryman is a band led by an old acquaintance – we used to wash dishes together many blue moons ago in a bar – and we shared more than a few drunken nights together. I never got the chance to see them play live while they were operating in and around Copenhagen but what I always heard was they put on a riotous blues riddled cacophony that ended in sweat, beer and love. Judging by this new(ish) track, they are still putting out their wares – though not as raucous as I remember them being, the pain still seeps through like honey milk through gingham. (I also got an email through from them – they are promoting limited edition vinyl presses of their tracks – here’s a link

The rest? Well, it ain’t just the “rest” – get your lugs around it!


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