Get your Noise Canals Round these/this!!

It has been a while since I posted a playlist but not a while since I have made one so expect a few in quick succession.

After having a quick glance over the artists included here, I guess I was listening to some sort of drone rock/stoner rock/modern pysch mix available on that there spotify – but just to balance it all out, it kicks off with Jupiter and Okwess who I heard doing a lockdown session from their hometown in the Congo – I think! Memory can fail me – usually does.

Also included is one of my favourite Spacemen 3 tracks – Come Down Easy – “Yo Boom!!! Hit that long high note will Ya!?” – I have always wondered how many takes they did of that song – Pete Kember thinking to himself “”please, not again! My lungs are about to explode!”

Enyoi to the mAAAAx!

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