Come down easy – as easy as you can.

I have to say that I’m getting a little backed up in posting my playlists – well, honestly, I’m getting a little backed up posting anything. I’ll be moving house soon and adding to my general array of clutter, whether in the real world or the virtual one, is counter intuitive. (saying that, I’ve bought a shit load of vinyl recently – some habits are hard to break)

So what have we got her? Well, one of my favorite tracks by one of my favorite bands, Come Down Easy by Spacemen 3. It comes from the album Perfect Prescription that I have had in some form since I was about 16 – I even think I shoplifted a copy on cassette from the Woolworths in Belfast – sorry about that! Kids! – stealing ain’t cool!! Even Spacemen 3 cassettes. Another fine discovery on here is Gnod – Manchester band who I’ve been told play a kick ass live show. They’ve been around a while and hope they remain so so that I might catch them. They were also a substantial part of aforementioned vinyl acquisition. And yeah – a load more – looking over the rest of the playlist, the Spacemen 3 track is probably the least raucous – now that says something !!

Treat your ear canals and let it all wash through – Enjooy!!!

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