Not a Repeat! I repeat…NOT A REPEAT!

Where is my mind? One of my favorite songs of all time but not on this playlist. And, as some of you may have noticed, none of the songs on this playlist are on the last one I posted – which, for some bizarre reason (read mindlessness) has all the same tracks that the previous list had – even has the same title! A glitch in the matrix methinks (again, read “mindlessness”)

Kicking off with John Martyn, and punctuated with some other samples of his brilliance, this list is a little more “folksey” – yeah yeah, get past Bo Ningen and the Jesus and Mary Chain, and you’ll see what I mean. But even their tracks are on their down smooth side – relatively speaking. And the Midnight Marauders track – I heard a live version preformed by Fat Freddy’s Drop on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show (side note – if you got nothing to do on a Saturday night – BBC6Music – Craig Charles! – you will not regret it) and was hooked. A band that I have constantly let pass me by – even though their name itself harks to some dubious under/overtones – hearing this one live track made me promise myself that the next time they swing through the Cop, I gotta get my backside over there. Anyway, couldn’t find the track on that there Spotify and had to make do with this Joe Dukie/DJ Fitchie version – and I ain’t complaining.


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