Here’s one I prepared earlier….perhaps

When I wrote a…..hmmmmm…..good while back, that I would be adding to this blog and site more often…. well, what did someone once say – Life is what gets in the way while you are making plans for other people – something like that – but no more excuses – this time I mean it – like every other time I meant it – I promise I promise I promise – and what is it I tell my kids – don’t make promises you can’t keep or don’t intend to keep. Ah well, fuck it, with the best possible taste.

So here is a new playlist – and I’m listening to Sports by the Viagra Boys – a name I guess that won’t get them many plays on MTV – but great track – Sports and Weiner Dogs and Volleyball and BBQ’s on the beach – what every song should be about – bollocks to love and death.

Who else, I hear you ask? Yes yes – Janelle Monáe going psych, newly released track from Foals that sounds them back on form (IMO), Irish singer I tripped over recently, David Keenan, Bobby Conn – who, according to his profile, has been slingin’ his style since the mid-90’s – go him – SCALPING, whose name I find slightly garnish anyway, so why put it full caps? but great band that has been popping up all over my spotify recently, whether on their own or in collaboration.

And yes, for those of you that can count, this is playlist 49 and the one before was 41 – and I hear you clamour!! where the hell are the rest of your dedicated playlists mister mix master!! I know I know – I promise, you’ll get them here…. some day 🙂


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