About the Pieces

—Update as of today 29/11/20 – onsite shopping is at the moment disabled – no other reason than my complete disinterest in marketing (this will change as the wolves crawl closer to the door) – so if there is anything you want to purchase, please drop a line at spo3@spo3.com – my service capabilities more than make up for my marketing inabilities—

A little info on the pieces – most of them are on A2 sheets of 180g/m2 paper – in layman’s terms that’s 42.0×59.4 cm or for those still in the dark ages (yes, looking at you America), that’s 16.53×23.39 inches. When I frame them, I put them into a thin wooden frame that measures 52.0×72.0 cm. The image below shows a piece in said frame in situ with a 12 inch record (ok ok America, I’ll let it go so!) for a visual reference.

  • piece alone – 400DK
  • 2 pieces as a pair 750DK
  • piece with passe-partout – 500DK
  • piece framed – 900dk

As for post and packaging, let me get to that when the time comes. Piece in frame weighs 2kg, so whatever that will amount to, I haven’t figured out yet. Hey! Expert this site is not yet! Conscientious, perhaps. But expert? No.

I use stripe.com to receive payments from you – so I don’t keep any credit card details on this site locally – better for you and less to worry about for me. And as you might be able to tell from the url field in your browser, the site is protected by an SSL certificate – if you know what that is, good for you. If you don’t, you can read about it here

BTW, I mentioned that I have sold some pieces in the past. This was an outcome of showing some of my work at a bar in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen called Kind of Blue. If you ever get the chance, check it out – soft and dark setting, cool tunes, brilliant staff and the meanest GnT in the city (from the days when I used to drink!) And whether he ever reads this or not – big gratitude and respect to Klaus. He da man!

I call them “pieces” because I can’t figure out what else to call them. I don’t like calling them “art” because frankly, I’m not trying to ask any meaningful questions – and since there’s a lot of meaningless questions out there parading as art, I would rather not get mixed up in that discussion. If the viewer gets something out of them, good for them. But it’s making them that curbs the oncoming craziness I’ve been told middle age can conjure up – and by “craziness”, I mean boredom and monotony.

And yeah, your 6 years old cousin could do the same – but they didn’t, I did.