Try a little test on me…

To get anything started – or in this case, restarted – there must be an initial cause. In this case, an initial repeat of cause. Is this an oxymoron? Not much idea – since I have little precise idea of the meaning of oxymoron. But the word “oxymoron” seems appropriate. Appropriate in the sense of… Continue reading Try a little test on me…

And now back to order!!

The last playlist posted was one I have made up over the past couple of weeks – throwing a spanner into the playlisy space continuum. But hey ho, who said that all of life should be in order? So what’s on number 42 – the answer to life and meaning and all that – I… Continue reading And now back to order!!

I WAS ONLY 14….!

Any playlist that starts off with the Cramps is only going to go downhill. That’s my humble opinion and I’m sticking to it. Shiiit! I tried my best to hold the course steady, bring you, the listener, up to a warm fuzzy crescendo – but the memory of seeing Lux Interior in a leather thong… Continue reading I WAS ONLY 14….!

Setlist v7

Some acts on the stages I work on I have been a fan of since I don’t remember – the Jesus and Mary Chain being one of them. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, if I’m working on the stage, that is, “on duty”, I tend not to watch the act. Most acts… Continue reading Setlist v7